Friday, September 17, 2010


A very wise man and long time industry professional with numerous "make me jealous" credits to his name, told me a while ago that people you randomly meet today may have an impact 10 years later in your career.  I believed him... sort of.  Until you've experienced something for yourself, you always live in that state of "I'll believe it when I see it".  Well I saw it... kind of.  I got a call two days ago from a random artist, from Canada no less, that I've never met.  She was told to call me by someone I haven't seen or spoken with in I'm sure it must be like 3 years that I actually met proabaly 6 years ago and barely got to know.  For some reason though, this guy thought of me and now I'm writing with this artist (who is actually pretty good and has some good things in the works as well) next week.  Crazy.

Now I know it wasn't 10 years but if it can happen like that after 6 years... who knows what is possible!  I'm coming up on my 9th year in Nashville and I swear this town and the relationships I've made, never stop amazing me.  What I find most amazing is that more and more, it seems as though the random chance meetings that you think mean nothing, end up meaning everything.  I'm also finding out that often, the relationships you spend the most time cultivating, are often either the most fragile, or the most unfruitful.  I don't however believe I need to re-evaluate my priorities though for the same wise man also told me that "it is all happening the way it's supposed to happen".  No... this isn't meant to open a discussion on fate or destiny or any of that stuff either...  The point I wanna make is, on those days in this business (the music industry) where you feel like you're getting nowhere... like every ounce you've put into making what you think are the most important relationships flourish, keeps failing miserably... you can't take it too seriously because someone, somewhere, that you have met along the way will think of you at a time that you least expect it.

You may not understand it now, but when it happens... you will!