Monday, October 18, 2010


So I recently had a birthday... a pretty big one too (lets just say it has a "0" and a "4" in no particular order!).  Everyone asked me how it feels to reach the big "X-X"???  Honestly, I've never felt better.  I have more knowledge than I ever had, I still have my health and I'm in decent shape, and most importantly... I have GREAT people... better people than perhaps ever.  The really intriguing thing to me in all this is that most of those people came into my life within the past 7 years.  Furthermore, these people are likely to remain for the next, well, foreseeable long term future (I'm planning on living til at least 100).  Why is that?  What is it about the people you meet in your thirties that make them more long-term than any other group at any other time in life?  Many of them, for me, are co-workers in music but I don't think me, or my industry is alone in this phenomenon.  I think this resonates with many people and I would say, many other executives especially.

Perhaps it is that we "come of age" in the third decade of our lives, learning who we are and also how to judge how we want others in our lives or, maybe it is that we finally want to stop roaming around so much in all aspects of life that we just settle "here".   For me, I think I finally convinced this maverick, independent spirit of mine that maybe... just maybe... I don't have to do it all by myself.  And... since I don't... I might as well work and socialize (they are one in the same really) with people I really like... not ones that I want to like me.

Anyway - thanks to all the great people in my life - here's to another 40!

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