Monday, November 8, 2010

The Race

We're all in a race.  We're not necessarily racing with anyone but we're all racing nonetheless.  Racing to get where we want in life.  To achieve the goals we set forth whether they be career goals, family goals, or even goals that leave a legacy for society.  And let's be clear, just like track and field, some races are inherently longer than others and we usually know this going in.

Now just the same as any other race, there are some that finish first and the rest that don't but... that only matters to the ones that view their life's race as a race against others.  You will see others achieve your goals (or similar ones) before you and, likewise, others will see you achieve their goals prior as well.  Who cares.  Seriously... it doesn't matter.  Your life and your race is your own... it (along with it's accomplishments) is the only thing you can truly call your own.

I'm not sure I'm exactly where I thought I'd be right now in my "race" but I know I'm still running and along the way I've had set-backs, gained strengths by learning a few things from those set-backs, and discovered something interesting... I don't exactly know where the finish line is!  Maybe because there isn't one.  While this could seem a little anti-climatic or... even slightly depressing... it's not.  It's better this way because now I believe that it is only my goal to run and let my accomplishments finish for me.

Kinda deep for a Monday morning I guess... but I got the idea from watching my dog run circles for no other reason than, to him, it was glorious to just be running circles!  Live in the moment as they say...

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