Monday, August 23, 2010

Songs are like children

I don't write as much anymore (songs that is!).  I used to write 8 session a week, close to a hundred songs a year, now, maybe two or three sessions a week and 35 songs a year.  Producing takes so much focus that I just don't have the time anymore to devote to writing.  I'm not disappointed at all... I love writing but I love producing more.

Today was a writing day though... in every sense of the world.  Wrote with one of my artists and one of my favorite writers ever and we did well, got a great start on something we like.  It was not without struggle... much like a child, the song was trying to tell us who it was... it just took a couple hours to see and understand it.  Along the way all three of us learned just a little more about ourselves through the "child" we raised.

Later this evening, I had dinner with 4 pure songwriters.  People that write doubles sessions daily and have well over 3000 songs between them.  We talked passionately about songs they wrote and played out at songwriters nights, and the feedback they got and you could see and feel the love for their creations and what they have become. 

It's interesting for me though as a producer, someone who makes direct decisions on what songs get recorded by my artists... I know that 90% of the songs they were talking so passionate about will never get recorded and released by major artists.  Hundreds, thousands of songs... good even GREAT songs.

It's unfair, like children, not all song have the same chances to reach the top.  There just isn't enough room.  But one thing I noticed today is that the passion and love for them is the same.  We love them dearly for who they are and what they teach us along the way... 

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