Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the whole crazy world!!!!

Yesterday (in the figurative sense), I truly thought of this as a waste of time.  Today, this is my first blog and it feels great!  Tomorrow is simply another day to learn something else new. 

To say that I'm amazed at where the world has come is cliche' and I won't bore anyone with that... I will simply give my slant on it from time to time and hope that maybe myself and someone else will get something from it.

I've been reminded in the past 24 hrs, that the more as the world changes, people generally don't.  Some are good, some aren't so much, some have integrity, and some will step on anyone and hurt them without conscience to get what they want.  I work in a very social world (the music business) but although I'm acquainted professionally with a fairly large number of people (well over 500), it really is only a select 5 or 6 that I truly consider "my people"... people that know my strengths, faults and like me for both.  Fortunately, I've realized that there is almost nothing that the 6 or 7 of us can't accomplish!  As a business owner and entrepreneur, there is nothing more valuable than these people to me.  When others have come and gone (and will come and go), these people stay.

So for as much as the world has changed... it still comes down to 1% of my world making 100% of the difference... It's the same as it always has been, it's just more important now than ever I think.  Technology has opened the flood-gates allowing me to connect with anyone in the world but I've found that I cannot let that dilute the core of my world - and it very much will if I chose to let it (I won't).

To my people: I am grateful for you!  Thanks!

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